Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Show this Friday

We are performing this Friday at a small spot in Oswego called Cantina! Its going to be PACKED to capacity so come early!!

Performances by White Boy Schwasted, Chris Cool, RC3, Myself and Don Trilo (Trilogy Mafia Records)

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Chris Cool x Mic E.D. collab

Here's another collab I did recently with Chris Cool!

He does the first two verses and the hook, and I rock the last verse! Check it out!
(Chris Cool creepin in the background at Fanatix)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Two shows this weekend.

December has been a busy month. We just did a loft party last night in Chicago and now this weekend, we have two more shows! Two days in a row. 

Friday, December 10th: The Peachtree, Mike Grove, Savage Pen, Trilogy Mafia & We Play In Traffic. 
This show is going to be at the Midtown Pub in Downtown Aurora. $5 cover, starts at 9pm. 21+

Saturday, December 11th: The Raj, The Peachtree, Etha, & Trilogy Mafia. 
At La Quinta (De Los Reyes) on New York Street, also downtown Aurora. 10pm, no cover, 21+

Thursday, December 2, 2010


New collab up for download at

The track is called Hustle Hard by HKX featuring myself on the first verse! Its a banger, check it out!! Free download!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cant Stop Me Now [Free MP3]

Here is the link for the first track off of the Mic Education 101 mixtape!! Free download, check it out!!

Who is Mic E.D.?

I've never been a blogger, but I am starting today. So who am I and why do I need a blog? I'm not sure why, but here it goes..

I was born in Aurora, IL in 1988 to a married couple who happen to be proud Tejanos. I have two older brothers; One born in '85 and another in '80. My parents moved us out of Aurora at a young age, for a number of reasons. We moved a couple towns over to a smaller town called Oswego. At a young age, music had my attention more than anything else (i.e. sports, video games, or getting myself into trouble). It was something that had always been a part of my family, and I always wanted to keep music in my family.

A friend of my dad was a Tejano DJ and he knew that I had an ear for music.. so he asked me to DJ hip-hop music at some events he was hired to play at.. I did weddings, quincenearas, school dances and a lot of other events.. it was fun but I wanted to do more.

I started writing my own raps in the back of the classroom in middle school. At the time, I was influenced mainly by the music that I had heard on the radio and seen on TV. Eventually I was introduced to underground hip-hop. My cousin was a part of a local hip-hop crew called Them Badd Apples. Their self-titled album blew me away and inspired me to join a crew and start writing more music.

In high school, my cousin Robbie and I started writing songs together and joined a local indie label called "Crazy Fresh Entertainment". The main two artists in the label were Big Sick & Dieablo. Robbie and I recorded a few songs, but ended up scrapping that project to start a new group called Viceversa with his cousins from Texas (Manny and Danny). We recorded a ton of songs as a group, and did a few shows with Crazy Fresh ENT. We promoted Viceversa everywhere we went and gained a lot of local attention.

Senior year, we decided to compete at Prairie Fest in a battle of the bands with a live band and placed 2nd overall. We got an awesome reaction with the band, so we took a few songs to a studio and recorded some live hip-hop songs. It was fun, but we couldn't hold the band together when everyone went off to separate colleges.

Viceversa mainly went into a musical hiatus. I ended coming up with the name Mic E.D. and started writing and recording verses at home and putting them out on the internet. I started a buzz with the new music and got the attention of another cousin, Noe (aka Don Trilo), who was producing his own music in Aurora. He had an indie label himself called Trilogy Mafia Records and decided to add Viceversa to his label, along with myself as a solo recording artist.

Myself and Manny were the most active members of Viceversa at the time, and we released an album "Family Business" and performed at many shows alongside Don Trilo & Fox River Boys under the group name Trilogy Mafia Records. Eventually Fox River Boys left the label to do their own thing and me and Don Trilo started making more and more music together. While doing a lot more shows in the area , we created a great buzz in the local scene and gained respect as great performers as well as great rappers.

In August, Don Trilo and I released our 2nd Trilogy Mafia Records album "Loyalty" and sold out of hard copies almost instantaneously. It's currently available at every major online distributor (iTunes, Amazon, Zune, CDbaby, etc).  Now we are at the top of our game and are ready to take it to the next level.

We are working on a mixtape with Fox River Boys called "Unfinished Business" as well as a new Trilogy Mafia Records project called "The Retrogression EP". This EP is going to be the thing that gets our name heard everywhere! We're gonna flood the streets with our new music and make sure everyone knows who we are in 2011!

While we're working on these projects, I'm working on my own side projects also. "Mic Education 101: The Mixtape" is currently in the works. I'll be posting free downloads on my blog as I finish more mixtape tracks for you all to enjoy, until then..the story is still being written!